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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 10, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> saturday night i'm walter perez. there's a new plea tonight from the family of a missing teacher and international search for a female terror suspect and her link to the deadly attacks in france we begin with breaking news out of delaware state police cancelled amber alert for two small children. they were found safe and mother is still missing. ken is following the story in the satellite center. kenneth. >> these details came in moments ago. i want to get you right to the video.
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and keesha hamilton is missing and her children were longted within the past hour with their father. the last time keesha hamilton was seen was around 10:00 last night. this say view of their home near smyrna delaware and they issued the amber alert because they believed the woman and children were in imminent danger and with the children's father 32-year-old cortez hamilton senior. saturday afternoon female members sent troopers over to the couple's homep east kayhill hill lane twin willows development. state police say they saw signs of suspicious circumstances. and the amber alert was issued for colette hamilton and 4-month-old brother cortez. they have been found safe within the past hour. cortez hamilton senior. we're told police state police in delaware believe that keesha
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hamilton is in danger tonight. they're looking for her. we're still waiting for word to find out what vehicle they think she may be in. her children are safe and family at this point wanting her home safe tonight. we're monitoring the situation here in the satellite center and as soon as we get more information we'll have more on "action news" reporting live in the satellite center ken on "action news" at 10 phl17. >> more breaking news for montgomery county a 5-year-old boy is in the hospital after he fell from a ski lift tonight. the accident took place at spring mountain in swanksville the child fell from 30 feet out of a ski lift chair just before 7 p.m. and flown to children's hospital for treatment. spring mountain owner tell "action news" the boy was alone in the seat when the accident occurred. restraining bar was up in the car and there was no malfunction with the lift. we're working to find out more about what happened and the boy's condition. >> a local family is hoping you can help find a bucks county teacher and father of three
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missing since tuesday. this is 4-year-old christopher actual tulley. he was a passenger where city avenue meets lincoln drive in philadelphia and has not been seen since. christopher is bipolar and he was not taking his medication. now they want him home safe. >> it's been really hard when you have three young kids and they don't know where their father is and all they want is for their dad to come home. >> tully has been a teacher middle bucks institute of technology in warwick since db received teacher of year award last year. anyone with any information is asked to please call police. >> switching to latest from accuweather on frigid night temperatures remain below freezing and were wise to take proper
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>> it is colder than yesterday and we'll show you what's going on with flip flop with the temperatures. yesterday's high 36. we climbed above average yesterday and today back in that deep freeze. 25 degrees with high temperature today that's a good 15 degrees below average. look at the numbers across the delaware and lehigh valley, 18 in philadelphia, 10 poconos and 0 boardwalk and 15 dover and lancaster 11 not 34u67 wind to factor if a wind chill. extra layers will be needed. it's 9 coldner philadelphia than the same time yesterday. 13 coldner millville and 11 coldner atlantic city wildwood and dover. satellite 6 and action radar shows you we have a mostly clear sky across the mid-atlantic region. off to the west clouds are gathering lower great lakes
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lehigh valley. and so here's what to expect for rest of tonight. and into tomorrow. arctic air good news for you the way we'll retreat tomorrow. there is a possibility of wintery mix monday and timing will be key. once again we have storm systems we've been tracking all winter but they want to come early in the morning. may be going for that morning commute on mondayment details with the accuweather forecast. >> not good. >> no it's not. >> you can get tabs on the accuweather forecast any time with the stormtracker 6 app. it provides you with hourly forecast and live radar and weather alerts for your neighborhood. >> following new development in the search for terror suspect a woman connected to deadly attacks in paris is still on the run. investigators are looking for hayad
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investigators are looking for hayad manaden they think she slipped out of france and into syria. investigate believe her husband may be have the link between her husband and the brothers where twelve were mrderd yesterday. >> meanwhile today thousands gaermed for silent marches across france in honor of the victims. >> a angry response after word the officer that struck and killed her son will not be charmed. he was one of three officers traveling to non-emergency call when he hit 10-year-old matthew mccloskey. they concluded crash was accident not a crime. his mother released a statement that reads in part i do not believe this to be an accident because this was not an accident. it was a clearer reporter in the
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officer's training that create aid scenario where it was just a matter of time before somebody died. authorities will study whether response procedures should change in wake of this tragedy. >> a crash resulted in steps of thousands of dollars worth of damage today because the victim was chester township fire company building. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more on the incidents and man facing charges tonight. >> i got a call 4:00 this morning the firehouse was hit. >> the company took a major hit from suv according to police it was a gaping hole and results of this man 22-year-old reese wilson who allegedly drove drunk crashing a borrowed suv into the historic building. >> we're in the process now and getting an extra now. >> critical because the company services chester township and overnight crash with firehouse temporarily out of service. >> there's still a fire response going to the township and will bump up other lows.
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>> there was a trail of car fluid that led officers to a nearby neighborhood where they found a trail plays were brick dust and front end damage. he admitted to crashing his brother's vehicle into the firehouse after drinking at several clubs. wilson's brother initially lied to officers about his brother's name and whereabouts and they took him into custody too. police arrested and charged wilson on multiple counts including dui, leaving the scene of accident and driving without a license. >> and the damage will cost this volunteer fire company tens of thousands of dollars and they get money from the township and rely heavily on donations. >> the company has been in service since 1921 and building was built in 1957. i hate to see it get messed up like this but if anybody is willing to come and help with the repairs we'll be more than willing to take the help. >> in chester township. annie mccormick, for "action news" at 10 on phl17.
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>> from our delaware newsroom the fire that destroyed a shopping center has been ruled an accident. the plays erupted inside a restaurant on the 2600 capitol strail newark. investigators say it started when faulty care owe seen heater burst into flames 1:00 this morning and several other neighbors businesses were damaged by smoke and no injuries reported. >> thick, black smoke could be seen by miles over south philadelphia today. it was coming from girard point refinery on passyunk avenue. the company says operational issues resulted in the release of smoke but the community was never in danger. this incident was declared under control 5:30 this evening and still no further details into what precisely was creating all that smoke. >> four children removed from a home in northeast philadelphia from a home in deplorable conditions. they were first called to the row home on the 100 block of griefy street 7 a.m. for a noise
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disturbance. they found the kids ages 5 to 7 locked inside a bedroom. but neighbors tell us they never saw anything suspicious. >> i see -- i support them i see a good, very nice i did not see nothing. >> children were taken to st. >> children were taken to st. christopher's hospital as a precaution. no charges were filed just yet. but the investigation continues. more than 100 people showed up today to show their support for law enforcement in center city philadelphia. >> those who showed up to independent hall paid tribute to slain police officers from new york city and crowd reminded that police officers are first line of defense within our society. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight a highway rescue in new jersey how a man saved a cat left in a thick in the side of a road. >> and young flyers fan gets a reward after starring in a video
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that went viral.
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you can see here a huge piece of doomed asia airliner was lifted today. investigators detected more pings likely emanating from the plane's missing black boxes. those recorders assuming they're found will help investigators figure out why the plane crashed
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killing all 162 people on board last month. police are looking for a killer in san francis doe after four men were shot to deathch the group was found dead in a stolen car last night in an area known fror restaurants and shopping. investigators are he can checking into reports that another vehicle sped away from the crime scene at that time. >> a cat in south jersey likely used up all of its nine lives after finding itself in quite a fix. "action news" viewer mike paoli sent us video of a jug filled with ice stuck on the animal's head. mark spotted the cat on the road in collingswood and fwhent for the rescue. he took it to roth man animal hospital and after he thawed out this is how the cat looks tonight. happy and healthy. >> the groups marched to the movie in honor of the story they watched on the big screen. they walked arm and arm in the
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plaza stadium where screening of selma the story of martin luther king, jr. march was. it oak owes call to end of discrimination and improved race relations. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. it was cold today, melissa. >> cold it today walter. i have good news in the forecast. as early as tomorrow temperatures moderate. once again in the freezing mark sunday. high temperature today in philadelphia 25 degrees. that's a good 15 shy of average. average for us this time of year is 40. and our morning hoe was 16. when you factor in the wind chills today felt like in philadelphia goose egg. it felt like zero. 17 below zero was the wind chill this morning and the poconos. so at least it was not that cold in the city. outside tonight, 18 in philadelphia 15 trenton. wilmington 16, north and wet of town 12 allentown allehigh
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valley and 13 reading and along the coast in sea isle city 2015 in dover. winds are calm. not much of wind chill to factor in. it feels like numbers you're seeing open the scene currently nonetheless you need extra lays and bundle up as you step on the town. across the region we're calm to high as three miles an hour allentown and five miles an hour in philadelphia and you notice the wind direction coming out of south, southwest. it is cold moderating that cold air retreats and looking north and east for the second half of the weekend. here's satellite 6 and action radar. clear, dry and queue eight cross the region. it will stay that way the rest of tonight and for majority of the day on sunday. overnight sunday to monday we're tracking changing and in near term all about the temperatures. future tracker 6 has you covered. as you wake up tomorrow morning 8:00 95 corridor, areas north and west are teens.
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lower 20s for areas south and east across south jersey and delaware. as i advance this into the afternoon hours you notice in philadelphia once again above freezing mark and 34. 25 in poconos. temperatures will climb above freezing mark for most locations. here's the call for tomorrow. above freezing, 36 and the high tomorrow in philadelphia, 37. wilmington 40 and we'll take a closer look at the forecast. clouds will be on the move as early sunday afternoon and into sunday night and wintry precipitation on the way to track as well. details coming up with the accuweather 7-day. >> thank you melissa talk to you in a >> the pope paul vi award was given in the mass today celebrating religous education. 200 were recognized for service at the mass at the cathedral of
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st. peters and paul. >> still to come on "action news" jeff skversky has sixers action next. plus another mug sholts for deciding between bread and health care is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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>> three, two one zero and liftoff. >> a supply ship went soaring to the international space station today. the launch was a success and the capsule was carrying more than 5,000 pounds of items and supplies ordered by nasa. >> time for a check on sports. jeff jeff joins us live with the "action news" sports septemberer hey jeff. >> 11 points out of playoff spot flyers chasing just about everyone in the conference including boston. that's why flyers goalie steve mason calls today's game against bruins a must-win. mason is knocked out in the first and goes down to the save. appears to be the right knee again. mason out will be evaluated tomorrow. emery comes if and gives up three goals including boston rookie david pestranik they're
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off until monday. >> sixers look fog are back-to-back wins against indzian a. tony wroteton the steel and throws it up off the backboard. mc dan yaelz, sixers up 7. comes down to a final basket. 9 seconds left. michael carter williams. yes. sixers win 93-92 and won three of the last four of the season. >> and what a game in new england against the patriots and baltimore ravens 3rd quarter tom brady to julianne edleman to danny amendola wow 51 yard touchdown to tie it edel monday a former college quarterback getting it done. patriots are first in nfl history to come back down 14 twice endplayoff game. new england wins by four. they're going to fourth straight afc title game. they'll face denver for indy and rights now in nfc divisional
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playoffs carolina taking on seattle and seahawks have a three point lead in the third. >> yellow tie optional at a gala for a great cause in center city. alex lemonade foundation hosted a ball at the mariott. it celebrates alex scott and mission to end childhood cancer. her parents cochaired the event this year. last year this event raised a record
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>> what length would you go to to got a cheap tank of gas. dozens of commuters were happy to wait for a pum in edison new jersey where a local gas station is charging $1.69 a gallon and some high fiveed to step operate the savings. according to aaa the national average has been dropping every single day over the past three months or so. in fact prices are down 50 cents a gal open over the past 30 days alone. it's most wonderful time of the year if you like thin minutes and girl scout cookies arrived. the cookies are sold all across eastern pennsylvania. it's not about you satisfying your sweet tooth it's about goal setting and developing business skills for the girl scouts. >> much more to come. a localle walmart robbery how a thief got away with flat screen
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price list. call now for your free $50 savings card and catalog. >> if you're just joining us at
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10:30 here are the big stories we're following for you. a 5-year-old boy seriously injured after a fell from a ski lift at spring moun than montgomery county the child fell 30 feet and was flown to children's hospital of philadelphia for treatment. >> also tonight the search continues for a ter ross suspect keblingted to the deadly attacks in france, hayat boumeddiene was a common-law wife they think he was a link between coulibaly and kouachi brothers. she may have slipped into syria before the attacks began. >> 40-year-old christopher tully was last seen where city avenue meets lincoln driver he got out of hisies parents car and disappeared. he is bipolar and stopped taking his medication.
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you are asked to call police if you have information. >> breaking news out of delaware amber alert has been cancelled after two children were located. the search continues for the mother tonight. a gold alert is issued for 35-year-old keesha hamilton. she was reported miss ago long with her daughter 4-year-old collette and cortez hamilton junior. the children were found indiana with their father cortez hamilton senior. he was nine custody vrnl the children were not injured. the search continues tonight for kiesha hamilton. call state police with any information about her wheres with. >> an 8-year-old boy was seriously injured this afternoon when a microwave oven exploded it happened win drum avenue in the logan section of philadelphiach the boy lost three fingers and suffered burns during the incident. firefighters were able to bring the fire until control in ten minute and the microwave exploded after the child placed unknown object inside.
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the walmart in south columbus boulevard in south philadelphia was the scene of brazen robbery overnight. a man put a $900 flat screen tv inside a shopping cart and walked out of the store. investigators say he showed a gun to the security guard that tried to stop him. tonight police are looking for the thief and stolen tv. police in philadelphia investigating a deadly ambush of a customer at a local chinese restaurant it happened 9 a.m. south 56 street in keng cecing section. the victim was shot and killed as he woukd out of a restaurant. investigators are working to identify the victim and possible suspect. people were forced to stand outside in fridgeit weather when a fire erupted inside a apartment complex in cheltenham 1:00 this afternoon church and pickley roads. the building was evacuated and crews brought the fire under control and no injuries were reportd a big rally crowd rallied in
10:32 pm
center city philadelphia today in show of support for law enforcement facilities. it was a reminder of of the risk they take to sevsht public. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: it was pro police rally feet from independence hall. >> we came out prove there with people supporting them. >> i'm here because i know exactly from being a police wife what police officers go through every day. >> even in the bitter cold more than 100 people showed up. organizeers say this is non-partisan event and not pointing fingers just saying thank you to police. >> it made me want to come out more. they're out here in days where it's cold and protecting our neighbors and. >> the killings of two unarmed black men by white police officers in missouri and new york last summer smashed national protest including here in philadelphia. most are peaceful but cause disruptions at first amendment played out on city streets and
10:33 pm
anti-police sentiment and ambush of two new york city police officers, more pro police rallies have been authorized. >> the protests however they want to be are fine. closing down major interceptions in the city are ridiculous. >> we need to go back to the basics of making sure we just treat people with respect and honor our constitution. >> independence hall spons order the event and invited political leaders and those protecting the legacy of fallen police officer daniel faulkner. >> most feel like i do grateful and appreciative that police officers keep them safe. >> on independence mall, annie mccormick for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a lawyer for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says she's being railing roaded by republican men with political grudges. she held a news conversation today to say a special grand juror jury recommended kahne be
10:34 pm
charged with perjury and other charges. accusations claim she leaked secret receipt information to a pup. kane is being attacked for revery view of jerry sandusky investigation and pornography on state computers. >> she's innocent of illegal leaks. she was truvl at all times when she testified before a grand jury. and davis maintains kane never knowingly disclosed any secret grand juror investigation information and added she will not step down. an 85 million investment opened doors today in doylestown. officials ut contact ribbon at brand new bucks county justice centerch the new facility is equipped with enhanced security measures including elevators to transfer violent offenders in the courtrooms. in total the complex is sprawing 85,000 square feet. >> time for a check of the
10:35 pm
accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. have we said it's cold. >> yes. >> have we mentioned that. >> arctic chill is overhead today walter and we have a nugget of good news on the way. >> i'll take a nugget at this point. >> nugget. it's warmer as we go to tomorrow. >> all we have is a snug sglet we'll take it too. >> sky6hd a nice shot down the shore in atlantic city. we have partly cloudy too mostly clear sky overhead. if you step out in a.c. bundle up. if you stay indoors crank up the heat. these temperatures are well below average north teens and single digits. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see it's dry and queue eight cross much of the delaware and lehigh valleys and mostly tomorrow and as we get to monday tracking wintry precip bought on the way by then. temperatures north and west of town 11 slight slatington and martins creek 10 and 8 st. david
10:36 pm
and 8 kennett square and chester and center city in lower teens and 14 across south jersey, sea isle city 20. single dimming its for hockessin also to hammonton, 11 bridgeton and 13 currently in dover. here's satellite 6 and action radar, partly cloudy and clear across the mid-atlantic region. the system tracking overnight sunday into monday will be coming down from the south or up from the south i should say over lower mississippile valley and that works its way into our region by then. sunday not as harsh tomorrow arctic air retreats. high temperature in philadelphia coming in 36. what's happened to the south westerly wind and with that overhead temperatures moderate a little bit. still below average of 40 for this time of year. sun will give way to increasing clouds. so here's helping shape up tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing you 9:00 in the morning mostly sunny start to the day. it's not until we get to evening
10:37 pm
and nighttime hours 9:00 sunday we will notice the sun willing gave way to increasing clouds. and overnight suchbd into monday you can see 5:00 in the morning monday you have wintry precipitation. so ice is not frozen precipitation for philadelphia. that 95 corridor and areas north and wet and rain through south jersey and delaware and timing with this will be key. unfortunately monday morning this is something we have to track and watch closely. and the call from accuweather tonight partly cloudy and frigid. 5 allentown overnight low and 15 cape may and 15 overnight low in philadelphia. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast sun and increasing clouds high temperature 36. most of the day is dry. overnight sunday top monday during predawn hours we'll watch arrival of precipitation. high temperature 37. so no frozen precipitation in the city and changing to rain quickly monday morning. tuesday, behind that brisk and
10:38 pm
colder high of 31 is. clouds ux some sunshine wednesday, 34. upper 30s on thursday. we have to track and watch a system that wants to move offshore. temperatures next week walter only in the 30s by then. >> could be worse. >> that's always true. >> could be upstate new york. >> gloltion there now. >> there's a whole lot of shoveling and snow blowing in upstate new york. buffalo region is buried. people there spent hours bundled up in cold weather gear trying to clear their way from the homes and region is in a deep freeze for one more day. >> final remnants of christmas were tossed out today in northern liberty this is one of ten spots across the city you could treecycle. trees from the street's department were used to recycle into mulch and compost keeping this biotrash from heading to the landfill. >> still to come, bill cosby is heckled on way to a show and his
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>> here you see george zimmerman walking out of a dmroom florida today after his most recent arrest. he threw a wine bottle at his girlfriend hevrment was awested last night and charged with
10:42 pm
aggravated assault as i result. he posted 5,000 bond today and was ordered to avoid contact with his girlfriend. zimmerman had several brushes with the law since aquited in 2013 for shooting death of trayvon martin. >> bill cosby was con front about sex assault allegations against him by hecklers at show in ontario last >> that was comedian's response after protesters blew rain whistles and chanted we believe the woman. during a show the night before cosby made a joke about the claims telling a woman "you know you should be careful drink around me" at least 18 women accused cosby of pasta salts he's yet to be formally charged with anything. >> family members leaped into action when a 3-year-old girl was snatched from her no los angeles. alleged abductor walked to
10:43 pm
bedroom window of a girl and called a girl to the window and he snatched her and fortunately the girl was catching tv with 4-year-old sister who alerted family right away. >> is she a hero in a way. >> yes the first thing she did was run to her dad. >> how about that? little girl's family froded streets in search of youngster a short time later her uncle found the suspect and pinned him down until police arrivedch the 37-year-old man is behind bars facing several charges. a man from camden county making a public plea for help in typing a person that killed his nephew. here is rick williams with tonight's crime fighter's report. charles clayton says losing his nephew to gun violence has been difficult. >> it's been hard really hard. it's like tougher than when i lost my mother when 16. >> 1:45 a.m. tuesday november 4
10:44 pm
police respokened to gunfire area of third and cherry in cam. >> police arrived. they seep an empty vehicle with person inside unresponsive. >> inside of a white chevy van was 24-year-old andrew abdomener son shot multiple times and was pronounced dead -- andrew anderson. >> no one should lose their life to guns. >> there was another victim shot. that victim once shot was able to flee from the vehicle. and get hem to go to the hospital -- get hope this go to the hospital. >> it's not clear how much information that victim was able to give to authorities. >> there's surveillance all through camden cement are city, so what we're doing is going door to door, business to business to actually try to see if anyone has footage of the actual event. >> as a photo incentive scit sdenz crime commission is
10:45 pm
administering 1000 reward for nip with information that leads to arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> everybody if you know something say something. if you know anything pertaining to this case speak up. speak out. >> for "crime fighters" i'm rick williams for "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> sports is next on "action news." tonight a special meeting for a young flyers fan video
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$50 savings card and catalog with price list. call now for your free $50 savings card and catalog. >> jeff skversky with a check on sports and sixers proving they can win. >> we have proof. >> much better sixers showing signs of life. they only won 7 games. all came in the last five weeks. keep in mind sixers had zero wins if first five weeks of the season. baby steps. sixers looking sharp tonight. even embib looking good on the bench. they're going nuts. minutes later wroten again. watch it off the backboard to k.j. mc daniels. 17 seconds to go they lost the lead.
10:49 pm
sixers down 1. just like last night comes to final shot. down one michael carter williams gets it. sixers win. they won two straight and three of last four it's best stretch of the season. >> jake vorachek is going to first all star game nfl leader joined by claude giroux. they'll not be going to the playoffs if the flyers don't get going school. bad break against the bruins. first period. steve mason hurts himself again. appears to be the right knee again. he will be reevaluated tomorrow. ray emery comes in. third turnover. david pastranik one of his goals and power playoff another turnover. short-handed. chris kelly. flyers lose 3-111 points down playoff spot. there's concern they may lose
10:50 pm
mason too. >> you know obviously we want him to get better. like i said she big part of our team. >> remember the flyers fan colton fisher that rejected sidney crosby jersey on christmas they were so happy about that they invited him to hang out with the team and claude giroux doesn't like crosby or penguins eitherer. how dominant and good is tom brady, patriots quarterback won 19 playoff ghaimz career. that's the same number of playoff wins eagles have in team history. game for history books today new england against balt baltimore. brady to edle noon jim jury amandola wow 51 yard touchdown pass to tie. it patriots endplayoff first in history to come back twice. another touchdown to put them up
10:51 pm
four. flacco throws but it's not enough. new england wins 35-31. they win a title game fourth straight year and three face denver in ichbdy. >> seattle depending champs have 7 point lead against car lions panthers. winner goes toe nfc title game. >> two dominating winds never awon their last two by 35 points. 'nova destroys today end of first looks like they've been practicing with football team. josh hart touchdown and -- ends up with it and gilbert as up as much as 34. >> coach may need an addville after this owls blow 11 point lead in second. james woodward off balance and the foul.
10:52 pm
temple losses 63-56 first loss in a month. st. joe's falls to 20th ranked commonwealth as well. 52% from three point land. hawks lose and drop a season high four in a row. >> and a game against gw. jordan price never let up price 20 high for him lasalle by 13. princeton by >> okay. thank you jeff. >> computer savvy college kids are work ago roun round the clock in drexel city. they've teamed up 24 hours. dragon hakz is focused on hacking different hardware projects and software hakz that were making headlines. tomorrow morning these teams present projects with hope of earning points standings
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>> kids and animals taking a wawing on the wild side today greater philadelphia expo center dozens of treats and latest toys for the pups to try out. there were even pony rides for youngest animal lovers. if you don't make it today don't worry the expo continues tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. time for a check of the
10:56 pm
accuweather forecast. if you go wear lots of clothing and bundle up animals and car and everything. >> just get it covered. >> cover is up. >> it's cold today walter and even tonight we'll look at temperatures across the area. 18 in philadelphia, 13 trenton. 19 boardwalk. 15 dover. 11 poconos. not much of windchill to factor in and winds out of south southwest. with that southwesterly wind overhead overnight tonight to sunday tomorrow is sunday temperatures moderate. 7 a.m. not best start at 17 degrees. it will feel better than how it felt earlier this morning. mostly sunny. 10 a.m., temperature 25. that was today's high temperature. we'll climb above that. 1:00 in the afternoon 3. upper 30s, 4 p.m. on sunday. it's mostly sunny and if there's any change in the forecast somehow miraculously turns to 85 tomorrow meteorologist chris sowers will have the latest tomorrow morning. >> i told my kids this morning go outside and play go outside
10:57 pm
you. they were outside five minutes and name and said no. >> it is brutal. >> thank you melissa. the rest of the "action news" team will be on 6abc tomorrow morning starting at 6. thanks for joining for "action news" at 10. celebrity name game next. for melissa magee and jeff skversky i'm walter perez have a great
10:58 pm
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